Wednesday 17th April 2013

by Keane

Having worked in marketing for several years, I’m always analyzing what makes a particular campaign good. For anyone who has watched ads during the Super Bowl, the barrage of techniques used in commercials is instantly apparent. There are the cute ads (babies, dogs, cats), the dude ads (hot girls, catchphrases) and the random ads (nonsensical dialogue aimed for the quirky laugh). But all of these fall short of claiming the holy grail, the best yet hardest to strike spot in marketing: the heart.

As we learned in Inception, evoking a positive emotional response is the best way to convince someone to do something. But manipulation is yet another shady technique used by companies, often to great success. With the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign, they were able to create said emotional response while doing what so few other companies do in advertising: creating value. Sure, the ad is ultimately to create brand awareness and loyalty for Dove, something that will encourage longer-term consumption of their soaps and lotions, but the campaign also creates value for the viewer, presenting an important message that is often forgotten.

In the end, we really ought to strive and create value in everything we do, such that what we put out to the world benefits it in some small way. Obviously, we can’t do this all the time, but we should still strive.

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